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L.A. Sound design, Custom pefalboards and rack design!

Section 4, Music for the new Millenium

Kronodale Guitars in Europe, great sound great look!

Photo by Implied Images, ©2006 Frank Murdock Photographer and Architect extraordinaire

Myles Rose, Audio expert, Guitar Amplifier Wizard #1, and All around amazing human being

Ina May Wool and daniel Weiss, I love these guys, great music!

Dimarzio Pickups

Zen Drive

Moody Leather Guitar straps

Sam Broussard Guitarist and Songwriter

Billy Whiteacre Guitarist/Songwriter/Film Composer

Andreas Oberg - a fantastic Guitar player and my favorite Gypsy Jazz Guitarist The very best in Jazz, world, Blues & Beyond

Blue at Heart a fantastic site supporting the Blues

Oscar Peterson my favorite Musician

Cheri Huber - Zen teacher and Author

Robert Thurman - Buddhist Scholar

Simone Sello - Music Producer and Guitarist

Dr. Ika's Blues Fusion - a great player and a really amazing human being

Richard Gilbert

Brenda Strong

Burn video 2006

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