- Present: Playing with Zen Blues Quartet, Steve Ferrone's Drumroll, Cordle-Scott band, Valerie Carter with Mike Visceglia at The Blue Note in japan. Owner of the Interactive Audio Group, Owner and Producer for™, Guitarist and band leader with The Circuitbreakers™ All Stars, Consulting Studio designer. Protools mixer and instructor. Audio Post Supervisor and Mixer for "E.T. DVD release ", theatrical 5.1., the :30 and :60 versions, Audio Post Supervisor For "Harry Potter" DVD Bonus Disk 2001, Composer for Video series "Yoga for Fertility". Digital re-mastering for CD, and audio preparation for internet and streaming audio, design and technologies consultant for Studio Designer/Architect Gary Heathcote and Assoc., TheMarsColony, DVD consultant for SPG studios.

1996 - 1998: Senior Sound Mixer for the Fox Family Channel from November 1998. Free lance Producer, Featured columnist International Music and Technologies Magazine.

1994 - 1996: Director of audio operations for International Cable company TCI's AND Interactive. Lead composer, sound designer, mixer, post production supervisor, Studio designer and audio technologist. Developing tools, techniques and strategies for Broadband interactive media. Responsible for creative, technical and fiscal aspects of all stages of audio production and post production.

1992 - 1994: - Freelance Sound supervisor/Composer/Sound Designer in Los Angeles, Editorial, Sound supervision for Ambassador TV. Editor on the Little Mermaid animated series, Aladdin animated series. Sound effects editor on the feature film Gettysburg.

1988 - 1992 - Los Angeles - Synclavier operator and studio guitarist at Westlake Audio, Music and Post work at The Enterprise, EFX, Pacific Ocean Post, Zakuto Audio, the Complex, Wonderland, Michael Jackson, Paula Abdul. Synclavier operator at the Record Plant and Hip Pocket studios, Audio Post and Sound Design, Digital Editing, and music and post for "Eureka’s Castle". ACE cable award for best music and sound in a new children's TV show. Synclavier operator with Bruce Nazarian at Gnome Studios.

New York City, 1988: New England Digital training in Synclavier/Direct - to - Disk, Editview, MIDInet, CMX Autoconform for music and post applications.

Boulder, Co., 1982 - 1988: Faculty member teaching Guitar and modern improvisational techniques at the Naropa Institute.

Boston, 1978 - 1982: BA Berklee college of Music, Composition/ arranging, and Guitar.

Partial Credit List:

Audio Post Supervisor and Mixer for "E.T. DVD release ", theatrical 5.1., the :30 and :60 versions
Audio Post Production supervisor for 23 languages for the "Harry Potter" DVD Bonus Disk
UPN - Sound Mixer On air promos
Fox Family Channel - Senior Mixer On air Promos
Hard Rock Hotel Bali - Headline performer with John March and the Circuitbreakers
The Learning Channel - Sound editorial, A slice of Life and A Babyís story
Hasbro - VO Recording, editorial and conversion for CD ROM Scattergories
Studer/Phillips - DVD Consultant
Creative Cafe- Feature Film Music Editor
Alan Ett Music - Music Editor and technologist
Palladium Interactive: VO recording, editorial /file preparation Ex-files CD ROM.
Enteractive Media: Music and sound design for 4 Webcast radio shows
Sting: Synclavier programming, vocal tracking and mixing for Disney.
Batman and Robin: Sound designer for Warner Bros. and December Interactive.
Fakiní the Funk: Feature Film; SFX editor and Music editor, with Sandy Tanaka.
HBO P47 WWII Laserdisc Documentary: Sound Designer and Sound Supervisor.
Panasonic DVD logo: Branding music/sound design for theatrical release DVD Dream Logo.
Sony Pictures/Terrance Trent Darby: Music Editorial for the Feature Film "The Fan
Dreamworks Interactive: Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Supervision for CD ROM game GooseBumps; "A Night in Horrorland".
And Interactive: Music and Sound design, Sound supervision, for TCI, TCI International, TCI Education, Oracle, Knowledge Exchange CD ROM, Technology R&D, Design and development work for new and ongoing technologies.
Oracle Corporation: Music and Sound Design for CD ROM information package.
Interplay: Music and Sound Design for CD ROM games.
Crystal Dynamics: Music and Sound Design for CD ROM games.
NHK: Technical consultant for NHK Japan Audio for Post Department.
Westlake Audio: Studio Sound Supervisor and Staff Composer.
Ted Turner/Gnome Prod.: Sound Editorial on the Feature film "Gettysburg", Golden Globe award Best sound.
Amblin/Mattel: Environmental Sound Design
ABC Prime Time News: Music editor for Lee Decarlo and Bill Conti
Discovery Channel: Composer, Sound Designer
Pacific Ocean Post: Sound Design/ Music Editor. Synclavier on "The Cream/ Eric Clapton" Documentary for Delilah Prod.
EFX: Sound Editor for "Peter Pan" animated Fox series, Feature Films and TV.
Michael Jackson: 1992 Dangerous tour Synclavier programmer.
Paula Abdul/Prince: with Jai Winding on Remix of "You".
Harald Kloser: featured guitarist, NBC Movies of The week.
LA and Babyface: Synclavier operator for Pebbles.
Richard Band: Synclavier Orchestrations for Feature Films and TV.
Alan Howarth: Sound Design on "Medal of Honor", "Salmon Berries", and on Madonna's: "Truth or Dare", sound design on the series "Dinosaurs".

Advanced Technologies Skillsets:

Specialized Skill sets:
* Producer
* Studio Designer
* Sound Designer
* Protools
* Synclavier
* Fairlight
* Waveframe
* DVD Authoring
* Webcasting
* Compression and Streaming technologies for audio and video
*IT production solutions and methodologies
* MPEG 4


Audio and Video Technology/Crafts:

Sound Mixing for any delivery medium.
Sound preparation for any delivery medium
CD ROM compression technologies
Mixing for TV, Film, Music production, Interactive Media DVD
Talent coordination and negotiations, (Music/VO/Foley/etc...)
Studio Design and consultation

Endorsements and professional affiliations:

Dimarzio Pickups
Fuchs Audio Technology
Royer Mics
Buzz Feiten Intonation System
Picks and Stones Guitar Picks
Westlake Audio Section-For-Hire
Bogner cabinets
Xotic pedals
Spirit Guitars
Groove Tubes

Professional References:

Ellen Schwarz - Senior VP Warner Bros. Music

Gary Heathcote - Studio Designer and Architect LA

John Rotondi - Chief Technical Todd-AO

Lisa Griffin - V.P. Sales Deluxe Sound

Rev. Dave Boruff - Producer and Studio Musician LA

Steve Burdick - Owner Westlake Audio recording studios

More references available upon request

818 209 - 3921